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HedgQuarters Playbooks


From your first day in any top investment firm to your last, you should be building your knowledge of investment process & techniques alongside your investing & trading experience. These practically focused "playbooks", that summarize decades of investing experience, will help you build your skills and understanding of how to utilize al the power of hedge fund strategies in your own investing.

I encourage you to refer back here often as you encounter different market conditions and situations. Make these techniques an extension of yourself and core to how you think about companies, stock prices and your portfolio and you will become a better investor with a sustainable foundation of process from which you can build a long term track record.

Andy West, PhD

Twitter: @andycwest

CIO's Introduction

Process is a Superpower - thats what I encouraged my team to understand when I ran my own Hedge Fund. Every new recruit would start by studying this process until they knew it intimately. It's how we researched opportunities and how we presented them to each other. Most importantly its how the PM's and CIO could be convinced of the attractiveness of any new idea in order to size it up in the Fund.

HFA Investor Playbooks

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