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is arriving soon!

Congratulations! You've just discovered the world's first virtual hedge fund - HedgeQuarters.

Access tools, dashboards, resources and databases used by top hedge funds and learn how experienced Portfolio Managers research global markets and generate ideas through all conditions


This is what HedgeQuarters is bringing to your Desktop. You'll be able to join the team whenever you want from home, learn powerful techniques you can apply to your personal investing, use tools and dashboards created by experienced hedge fund managers that visually present the markets and stocks in simple and insightful ways you've never seen. But most importantly, HedgeQuarters will help you generate investment ideas you previously wouldn't have identified.

Bear with us as we create the most unique investment platform online that is differentiated by experienced people, proven investment process and actionable, simple insights.

In the meantime, register to be notified when we launch on the right and for the chance to win a free membership. Follow @HEDGEQUARTERS on twitter for more.

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Welcome to HedgeQuarters

Why do the sharpest investing minds globally operate Hedge Funds? Because the unconstrained nature of Hedge Fund strategies provide the greatest opportunity to maximize wealth across market conditions.


HedgeQuarters is a unique concept for investors as we put you inside a virtual Hedge Fund so you can learn and employ these same strategies to empower your investing.


Founded by an experienced and award winning Hedge Fund veteran, Andy West, who today invests solely for his own family office, a HedgeQuarters membership is designed to give you the experience of walking in the door of a top investment manager every day where you are surrounded by institutional grade training, a proven investment process & tools, compelling investment ideas and a community of other talented investors to engage with while running your own portfolio, your own way.

Having built successful investment teams across multiple countries, we know that sustainable returns over the long term requires process, team and tools. Becoming a member of HedgeQuarters delivers this in the same way you experience it in a real firm and is designed to support and accelerate your own investing pursuits.

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See the investment world in a different way...Identify opportunities you never would have spotted

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Don't forget to register your interest for a chance to win a free membership on launch

HEDGEQUARTERS (400 x 100 TB).png

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